Get Those Pictures Printed! – Montoursville PA baby and child photographer

Do you remember twenty years ago, how exciting it was to get a roll of film developed and see what was on it?

(Wow…did I just say, “do you remember twenty years ago?!” Boy does that make me feel O.L.D.!!!)

I can recall picking up the pictures at the store and not even being able to wait until I got home to tear that envelope open and see what was inside! Of course, there were usually a few pictures that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but there were always tons that I liked, and I had so many smiles and laughs looking through them. I remember showing them to people who came over to visit, putting them into albums, and of course picking a favorite or two to to put in a frame.

While digital photography is amazing in so many ways (of course, it’s fantastic to be able to realize right away that you caught someone mid-blink), it’s kind of sad that so often we no longer bother to get the pictures developed. Admit it…you have tons of pictures that you love buried on a hard drive!

I know for me personally, I have literally thousands of pictures of my kids that I have totally forgotten about. Occasionally when I am organizing my portfolio or cleaning up my hard drive, I will sort through them and get all sentimental over them. But really, they are doing me little good stored on my computer! I look through them once a year or so, and my husband and kids NEVER see them. I do pretty much all of my editing when my kids are napping or in bed for the night, so quite often my kids never even see the pictures I take of them unless it happens to be one I print for the wall. This makes me really sad! My husband also pointed out last fall that we had an embarrassing lack of pictures on our walls, especially considering I am a photographer. In my defense, we moved to this house a little over two years ago when I was eight months pregnant, and between starting up my business and all of the craziness that goes along with being a stay at home mom to three, I just hadn’t gotten around to it! Well, thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do about this problem!

I had seen a picture of Ana White’s Ten Dollar Ledges a year or so ago and loved the look.

Even better? Materials were relatively cheap, and the shelves were pretty easy to put together (Or should I say, they were pretty easy to make my husband put together, LOL. Thanks for always humoring me and helping me with my crazy ideas, Bill!).

I spent months collecting any cheap picture frames I could find. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I had a pretty good start on a collection because she gave me a lot when she was moving and getting rid of them. For the rest, I grabbed any 25 or 50 cent frames I could find at yard sales all throughout last summer.

One of my favorite things about the way that this project turned out is actually that the frames are not all matchy-matchy. I love that there are all different shapes and sizes, and some of them have such detail and character. To make them all coordinate with each other and the rest of our decor, I just spray painted them with the same  paint I used for the frame that holds our large family photo that also hangs in the living room. I only remembered to take a picture when I was about halfway in to this process, but hopefully you get the idea.


After painting them all, they now match perfectly…but not TOO perfectly!

And of course my MOST favorite thing about my new picture wall is that now I have a wonderful place to display some of my favorite photos! There are tons of pictures of my three favorite little people now gracing my wall, and it will be easy to add to whenever I get a new favorite.

Here are a few shots of the finished project.

I hope that it inspires at least one person to get those pictures off of the computer and on to the wall!


untitled-22 untitled-23


Hadley ~ One Year ~ Montoursville baby photographer

Miss Hadley is another baby who I have had the privilege of photographing as a newborn and then again at one year. I can’t believe how fast all of these sweet babies are growing up! Her mom and I had lots of fun planning this session and had so many ideas we wanted to try out. She ended up with so many cute pictures it’s hard to even decide what to share. Happy birthday, Hadley!

one year old girl pettiskirt pearls baby playing with pearlsone year portrait in tutu

baby girl smiling one year portrait baby girl birthday balloons

Isaac ~ One Year ~ Montoursville baby photographer

It was such an honor to take Isaac’s one year portraits; his parents had scheduled appointments for photo sessions throughout his first year of life, so I kind of felt like I had been right there with them watching all of his special milestones along the way! That first year of life is really such a special time because those tiny babies grow so quickly and change so much during that twelve month span. I think Isaac’s family will be very glad to have these portraits to look back on as he continues his journey into toddlerhood!

one year old with stool

baby boy portrait

first birthday portrait

one year baby photo

one year portrait

toddler boy playing with cars

Will ~ One Year ~ Williamsport PA baby photographer

I had lot of fun with this portrait session celebrating Will’s first birthday! His dad is an old high school classmate of mine and I had just recently met his mom through our mutual love of photography, so it was nice to collaborate on these photos. This is one lucky little boy! Their love and adoration for him is so apparent. He’s such a happy little baby, full of personality! Happy birthday, Will!

baby boy crawling first birthday portraits smiling boy on chair baby boy on chair one year old boy closeup one year portraits one year old holding parents' hands

Lucy ~ 3 months ~ Williamsport Baby Photographer

I was so excited when Lucy’s mom contacted me to set up a three month photo session! Just like at her newborn session, she brought along some gorgeous dresses that have been passed down in their family, and I just loved how simple and timeless they were. We have more photo sessions set up for Lucy’s milestones throughout her first year of life, and her mom has requested a classic style that she plans to incorporate into a storyboard that will document the growth of this sweet little baby girl. I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown at her sixth month session!

smiling baby on blanket three month baby smile baby smile three month on tummy three month baby girl baby girl smile from above 3 month old baby girl in bucket baby girl on tummy

Madalynn and Kaelynn ~ Sisters ~ Williamsport Children’s Photographer

This photo session has to go down in history as one of my all time favorites. Beautiful girls, beautiful styling, and a visit with my very best childhood friend?! How could it get any better? Since we don’t live as close as we’d like to it took a while to get this scheduled, but I think it was worth the wait!

girls portraits sisters and school picture girl at desk sisters kiss two sisters

Lexi ~ 6 months ~ Williamsport baby photographer

My adorable baby niece paid me a special visit when she was six months old so that we could capture some updated portaits for her mom and dad. Six months is the perfect age for pictures since baby is often sitting up at this point. Lexi was in fact sitting like a pro, and just for the record, she also proved that six month olds can do one-armed push-ups!

baby girl sitting

6 month girl sitting up baby girl creeping 6 month smile

baby tea party

baby girl push up

6 month baby girl