Adelaide and Bennett ~ 9 days ~ Montoursville newborn photographer

I was so excited for Adelaide and Bennett’s newborn photo session! If there is anything in the world that could possibly be sweeter than a brand new baby, it would have to be TWO brand new babies! These sweet little twins just loved to cuddle up next to each other.

Alexa ~ 15 days ~ Williamsport PA newborn photographer

I absolutely adore my job as a newborn photographer. There is nothing better than getting the chance to cuddle a sweet little baby and capture all of their perfection in their newborn portraits. I especially enjoyed spending the day with this little lady…my brand new niece!

Isaac ~ 11 days ~ Montoursville PA newborn photographer

I welcomed tiny Isaac into the studio for his newborn photography session when he was 11 days old. He was a perfect little model for his newborn portraits. He was such a happy, sleepy baby that we had to finally wake him up to take some photos with his eyes open!